Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins for 2023

If you offer many products or services, you want to help your customers make the right purchase decision. One of the best ways to do this is to present everything you present in the pricing table. By presenting your products / services together, you can show potential customers what makes each option different, as well as provide value for comparison. In this article, we are going to show you the 10 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins in 2023.

The use of Comparison and Pricing tables in this way can help push customers towards a higher-priced product. This is human psychology: if you offer your mid-range option as the “best deal” or “most popular”, it can affect the customer.

Adding pricing or product comparison tables to your website makes it easy for your visitors to come to a decision. But unless you’re a developer, you don’t know how to display your offerings in an attractive pricing table. So, We have taken the time to find the most popular and (in our opinion) best WordPress Pricing table plugins in this article.

Factors affect the WordPress pricing table plugins:

  • Responsive Design: Like the themes and websites used, the plugin must also be responsive. The functionality of the plugin should be compatible with any device with any display size of the screen.
  • Easy to customize: When you are adding an element to your WordPress website via a plugin you will need to add and change many things. So, you need to make sure that your WordPress Pricing table plugins is easy to customize.
  • Visually Explicit Tables: WordPress Pricing Table Plugins are used to display pricing for various services and products. So, it should provide precise layout, visual clarity of texts, prices, quantity, and information. It will also be appreciated by the audience.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins?

There are many free and premium WordPress Pricing table plugins on the market. It can be confusing for beginners to choose the best WordPress Pricing table plugins for their WordPress blog or website as they are overwhelmed by the number of options. The easiest way to cut through the confusion and evaluate the needs of your WordPress plugin is to compare your needs with the features of the available plugins.

WordPress Pricing Table plugins have features such as drag and drop builders, filters, sorting, pagination, responsive design, styling options, media support, and import/export functionality.

To make this task even easier for you, we have listed the top WordPress Pricing table plugins in this article. Our collection includes a mix of free and premium items as well as a variety of features. You can quickly decide through each plugin and its features which is the best WordPress pricing table plugins for your website.

Now, let’s take a look at the best WordPress Pricing table plugins you can try.

Here’s the list of Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

  1. TablePress
  2. Ninja Table
  3. Pricing Table by Supsystic
  4. Easy Pricing Tables
  5. Responsive Pricing Table
  6. ARPrice
  7. Go Pricing
  8. WRC Pricing Table
  9. Pricing Table by Pickplugins
  10. Pricing Table by Themescode

Now, the time has come to explain the use of these awesome plugins so that you can choose your desired one based on your needs.

1. TablePress – Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

table press wordpress pricing table plugins

TablePress is one of the most popular and important free WordPress Pricing table plugins with over 800,000 active installs and an impressive 5-star rating. Not specific to use for comparing tables, TablePress lets you create all types of tables and insert them into posts or pages via shortcode. You can edit your tables in an interface that looks like a spreadsheet, so you don’t even have to know how to create code you can use it easily.

You can add tables to your pages, posts and widget areas using shortcodes. TablePress supports filters, pagination, and sorting. It enables you to import / export tables from Excel, CSV, HTML and JSON files. This allows you to easily create simple, beautiful tables. The backend has a spreadsheet-like interface that helps you add data without writing a single line of code.

The plugin is mostly responsive, but you need to add simple add-ons to make the table fully responsive. The plugin provides several add-ons to add additional functionality to your website.

Noteworthy Features:

  • User-friendly filtering facility
  • Support for HTML cell data cells
  • Support table captions, headers, and footers
  • Customization in various ways
  • Import from CSV, Excel, Google Sheets
  • Export to CSV, Excel, and PDF

2. Ninja Tables

ninja table wordpress plugin

Ninja Tables is a fast-growing freemium plugin that makes your blog more comprehensive by adding a variety of dynamic tables to your blog. You can create different varieties of tables like common tables, comparison tables. Even you can create pricing tables using the Ninja Tables plugin. The most important aspect of the plugin is its responsiveness to a smart breakdown feature. The plugin is unique about UI and UX. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best WordPress Pricing table plugins in the WordPress directory.

The responsive breakdown feature of this plugin allows you to resolve the accountability issue. It also provides multiple table designs, predefined schemas, custom schemas built-in and custom CSS. Pagination, sorting, and filtering can be found in a very friendly way. Using shortcode, you can post any table you have previously created on your webpage.

Ninja Tables is a premium WordPress table plugin. It comes with a drag and drops table builder that you can quickly rearrange columns and rows. It also has media support, so you can add pictures and other data to your tables.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Simple configuration.
  • Drag and drop data sorting.
  • Pagination Friendly.
  • Duplicate Any Created Table.
  • Import-export facility.
  • Filterable Table.
  • Google Sheet Integration.
  • WooCommerce Integration.

3. Pricing Table by Supsystic

pricing table by supsystic

If you want to create an amazing pricing table for your website, then the pricing table by Supsystic is the one for you. This is a WordPress pricing table plugins that you can use without any programming skills. The plugin includes easy drag and drops table builder, which is easy to use templates to help you get started fast. Add unlimited columns and rows (just don’t go too far), and customize them with color, hover, and button style options.

It can be highly appreciated by your audience when it comes to making the right decisions for packages and products. The tables are responsive and you can directly edit the CSS as per your choice. And the admin editor is fantastic with inline tooltips and a custom color picker with sliders to change any color you want.

The Supersystic Development team is known for creating photo galleries, popups, data tables, and all other types of plugins. But we’re taking a look at the WordPress pricing table plugins, which is offered as a free solution with quite a few features for you to play with. In fact, the free version of the plugin features preset templates, hover animations, and button customization. You can also easily import and export your table information.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Tooltips support
  • Columns Images, Videos, and Icons
  • Button, text and CSS styles for any pricing table
  • Custom Headers and Features List

4. Easy Pricing Table

easy pricing table

Easy Pricing Table is a popular and beautiful WordPress pricing table plugins by Fatcat Apps. The user interface of this plugin makes it surprisingly easy to create a professional-looking pricing table in WordPress. This enables us to create and publish various pricing and comparison tables. Once you create a table, it can be inserted into any post, page, and other areas of your website using shortcodes. Thanks to this, whenever you update a table, every instance of that table on your website is also updated. Ideal to keep your pricing pages with each other and in sync – without the need for any additional work on your part.

This plugin also allows you to create and publish fully responsive and beautiful comparison tables. Fully responsive tables look great on any screen size. You can choose a painted column as a popular choice. Pillars can be dragged and dropped to change location. Available customization options include choosing the font size, color, border style, etc.

It provides several premiere layouts for the ease of the user. This plugin is compatible with any of the WordPress themes. It does not save any type of personal data, so it is safe and secure. Users will be able to set up pricing tables with ease and little effort. Due to its rich features and active support, it has 20,000+ active installations. The plugin provides a choice of 3 different languages ​​for users.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Creates unlimited pricing table rows
  • Custom CSS
  • Frequent updates
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 6+ versions
  • Publishes pricing table within a short time
  • Gutenberg Compatible

5. Responsive Pricing Table

responsive pricing table

Responsive Pricing Table is an amazing WordPress pricing table plugin by WP Darko that is capable of creating pricing tables. This plugin enables you to add multiple fields. They include titles, descriptions, prices, subtitles, custom CSS classes, colors and so on. You have several settings that you can work with this WordPress plugin. These settings include recommended schemes, link behavior, title alignment, and font size presets.

It is a WordPress pricing table plugin developed for a very responsive platform with an optional paid upgrade. It is fully responsive that compiles the best comparisons of pricing tables. The theme requires a simple short-code to display the pricing tables by choice. This enables changing and removing currency signals from the site.

It can support a wide range of WordPress websites and themes. This plugin does not change the appearance of the WordPress plugin website. The performance of websites is also not affected due to differences in screen sizes and devices. This plugin is also very easy to use. You can add features to your website very easily and quickly with the help of this plugin.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Active support facilities
  • Creates Professional Pricing Tables
  • Uses background graders
  • easy to use
  • Various color options
  • Enable to add features to various schemes

6. ARPrice

arprice wordpress pricing table plugin

This pricing table generator by ARPrice provides you with a powerful real-time table editor jam-packed with features. It is fully responsive, supports Google Fonts and includes a live preview for both desktop and mobile versions of your table.

ARPrice Lite is a great, free option to add a Comparison and pricing tables to your site. The responsive pricing tables include several options to create an eye-catching table. Choose from a preset template and color scheme, unlimited color options, featured columns, and shadow style.

Also making your table is easy. Just use the real-time editor to add your package. You can also drag and drop columns to quickly reorder. Other plugin features include multisite compatibility, translation-ready files, and cross-browser support. Also, if you know you want more from your plugin then you can always upgrade to ARPrice Premium.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Unlimited color options
  • Drag and drop compatibility
  • Multiple pre-configured color schemes
  • Various shade styles
  • Translation ready

7. Go pricing

go pricing

One of the most stylish and arguably the best WordPress pricing table plugins in Go Pricing. Go allows you to create beautiful, responsive pricing tables with up to 7 columns and an unlimited number of rows. Even better – it is compatible with top page builders including Element, WP Bakery, and Beaver.

This premium plugin looks great and has a lot of attractive features. These include a large selection of 250+ table templates to promote and compare a wide range of product types. In addition to lots of customization options to personalize your tables. You can choose a price list for each product/service, but you also have the option to hide the price, which means you can use the plugin for other creative purposes. Good examples of this include comparing tables or completing team tables.

The Go plugin also includes support for inserting images, video, and audio players into columns to make it clear to the reader which products are being compared. Other features include a color picker, tool-tips to provide visitors with more information, and optional responsive layouts. Perhaps due to the fact that this table builder plugin has a lot of features, the creation of the table was the least intuitive of the options depicted here. However, if you work hard, you will be able to create attractive, media-rich comparative tables.

Noteworthy Features:

  • 250+ Starter Template Collection
  • 650+ Google Fonts and 1900+ Font Icons
  • Unlimited buttons
  • Scan with your device
  • Quick preview
  • Responsive Layout
  • PayPal Button Short-Code
  • Unlimited color mixing

8. WRC Pricing Table

wrc pricing table

WRC Pricing Tables is a professional and beautifully designed WordPress Pricing Table plugins by Realwebcare. It provides unlimited rows and columns to create amazing pricing tables. This topic handles pricing tables using simple short-codes. This plugin is designed with CSS3 and does not require JavaScript. It is super responsive so it creates a colorful pricing table and presents all commercial products. Users can choose any color according to their choice and requirement using the color picker. It includes tool-tips for each feature listed in the package.

This enables you to present any type of pricing tables for your products for your website. Using this pricing tables WordPress plugin is also very easy. You get 3 ready-made templates of pricing tables that you can choose. All these templates are very well made and can be used for any type of product.

This WordPress plugin enables you to switch between templates without losing any data. This can be an easy feature when it comes to updating your website for a more sophisticated appearance over time. With the help of this plugin, you can highlight one or more columns as specials. You can do this by enlarging the columns. You can hide one or more columns instead of deleting them. This can be useful when you need to show special deals on your website.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Sets the column shadow and shadow color
  • Responsive with all devices
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Provides unlimited background-color
  • easy to use
  • Implements short-code

9. Pricing Table by PickPlugins

pricing table by pickplugins

It is a flexible WordPress pricing table plugin developed by Pickplugins. This helps you to create a pricing table for your products and services for your WordPress website. The pricing tables use HTML and CSS3 grids to give you the best layout for your WordPress Comparison and Pricing tables. You get a lot of support for style, themes, and table items to display as per your needs.

With this plugin it is possible to generate hosting style pricing table grids, flat grids, enter blank or display blank fields with cross icons. As a result, you can add an unlimited number of WordPress pricing tables anywhere on your website. You can also add an unlimited number of tables and rows. The table can be incorporated into your website through a short-code.

One of its highlighting features includes displaying videos on the columns of your WordPress Comparison and pricing tables. You can also display images on columns. Some of them include column headers and price background colors and background images for tablets.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Shortcodes compatible
  • Header description text
  • Slider on mobile
  • Featured column
  • Price Description Text

10. Pricing Table by ThemesCode

pricing table by themescode

This is a WordPress plugin that will help you create many fully-featured Comparison and pricing tables for WordPress websites. Pricing tables can be used to create very responsive pricing tables for your website. It is a simple, robust and lightweight plugin that can be easily installed on any theme and any website whether you have a real estate WordPress Website, Hotel Booking Websites, Cake and Bakery Website, Printing and Publishing, etc. You can also add an unlimited number of packages with many features with the help of this WordPress Pricing Table plugin.

Some features of this plugin include the ability to add an infinite number of tables, rows, and columns. You can also change the table header row and column background text color. Similarly, the entire background of the table can also be changed with the help of this Pricing Tables WordPress plugin.

The pricing table by ThemesCode is a free WordPress plugin, which allows you to easily create lightweight and minimal pricing and comparison tables. With the free version, you will get unlimited columns and rows, unlimited color schemes and the ability to display your table using a shortcode. The Pro version comes with 10 professional flat themes, multiple column sizes, 4 styles of ribbons and support for FontAwesome icons.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Automatic shortcode generator
  • Unlimited Table Header Color
  • Responsive pricing table
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Unlimited Tables and Columns

Wrapping Up: Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

The above WordPress pricing table plugins are the best available, and they can take care of all requirements as far as modern pricing tables are concerned. A good pricing table can be a great hook for new customers. With these free WordPress plugins, you will be ready to create a well-converted landing page to sell your goods and services. Most of them also offer a paid version with premium options, which are not always necessary but are worth considering.

When you are building your website, there is a lot to do! Along with writing your HTML and CSS code, you need to test your website, buy hosting and domains, upload your files, and more. There are also optional things like Business Email address, SSL certificate, SEO analytics, and support.

While A Ready-Made WordPress website is a complete solution to your business that allows you to have a professional-looking website. The readymade website offers Top-level domain, Managing Hosting, SSL certificate, Website Builder, on-page SEO, and 24/7 support. So, if you plan to start a website with Pricing Tables in it you can check our Ready to Use websites with popular CMSs.

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