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Website Installation

Ready Made Website is built as a WordPress theme, so you need to have WordPress CMS installed first.If you have not installed it yet, please follow the steps below-

WordPress Installation

If you choose Ready Made Website with Managed WordPress Hosting than Complete Website installation with CMS is setup by Delegate Studio Team. Than You do not have to follow below steps. But if you wish to buy only WordPress theme and you do it for yourself than follow the below steps.

Step 1. Download WordPress:

  1. You can use the Download WordPress button on the main page of the official website to get the most recent version of WordPress;
  2. Extract files from the downloaded WordPress package.

Step 2. Upload the extracted files to hosting server or Local Server:

WordPress engine files should be uploaded to the root directory on your server. It is usually named www or public_html.

Step 3. Create a database for the WordPress platform:

A new database can be created in your Hosting Control Panel.

Step 4. Installing WordPress:

  1. Open your web browser and type in your domain name (or your domain name / subdirectory) and click Enter;
  2. Click Let’s Go button and fill in Database Connection Details:

wordpress database details

3. Enter the Website Information Details as shown below:

enter wordpress website details

4. Click Install WordPress button.

If you have entered the correct details, you will see a successful installation message and the WordPress dashboard login button.

wordpress installation complete

Theme Installation

Delegate Studio provides Theme installation service with expert team handle the process of Theme installing. If you choose Managed WordPress Hosting than you have a option to Installing the Website from our team or do it by yourself. If you check the option of Website Installation on Product Description page while order a Ready Made Website than Delegate Studio Professional Expert Team install and Setup full website with content and get exactly the same as you see in live demo. If you do not check this option and wish to do-it-by-yourself than contact our Support Team they will guide and help for installing the theme.

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