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Create a Page

  1. Whenever you need to add a new page to your website, log in to your Administration panel (Dashboard). Then, navigate to Pages tab located on the left. Click on Add New.
  2. A form will open, allowing you to add a new page. Now let’s take a closer look at the new page’s settings.
  3. In the headline field you need to input the name of your future page (e. g. Services, Contacts, etc.)
  4. When you enter your page’s name, a permalink appears, showing your page’s actual address. You can edit it (to do it just click on Edit button and apply all the necessary changes).
  5. In the top right corner you’ll also see Publish block, where you can:
  • save a draft — save your page’s draft, if it is not ready to be published;
  • preview – open a new preview window in your browser to view how your page looks right now;
  • status — change your page’s status;
  • visibility — change your page’s visibility from public to password protected, or private;
  • publish — here you can edit the time of publishing, set the exact time, when you want a page to appear;
  • Publish button — click on it to publish a fully fledged page.
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